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AUSVEG published a Potato Growers’ Biosecurity Manual

The Australian Industry Association AUSVEG has published a Potato Growers’ Biosecurity Manual.

The Potato Growers’ Biosecurity Manual is a guide to farm biosecurity measures to reduce the risk of weeds, pests, and diseases impacting production. It was developed by Plant Health Australia (PHA) with consultation from AUSVEG and potato growers across NSW, Victoria and South Australia.

The manual is designed for use by potato growers and their staff, as well as contractors, processors, researchers, and consultants working in the potato industry. It gives specific advice on what potato producers need to be aware of, and what measures they should be taking on their farm to reduce biosecurity risks.

The manual is separated into six areas of biosecurity practice that will help potato growers safeguard their farm from biosecurity risks:

  • cleaning equipment and vehicles and restricting movements of vehicles and people from production areas
  • farm inputs;
  • production practices;
  • farm outputs;
  • feral animals and weeds; and
  • training, planning and recording.

A broader explanation of Australia’s biosecurity system including pre-border, at-the-border and post-border biosecurity procedures is also provided in the manual.

The Australian government manages pre-border and at-the-border procedures and regulations, but it’s the responsibility of all Australians, including potato growers, to reduce or eliminate the risk of post-border biosecurity threats.

Source: Potato Pro

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