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Australia, New Zealand Rule Two GM Potato Lines Safe


The Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) organization have evaluated two genetically modified (GM) potato lines and have ruled they are safe for human consumption, a news release from the regulatory body on May 22, says.

The two potatoes are derived from Innate potato lines V11 and Z6. V11 has reduced acrylamide potential and reduced browning traits (blackspot bruising), while Z6 has both traits plus disease resistance to foliar late blight, the release notes.

“The applicant is seeking approval for food derived from GM potatoes. As the potatoes will be grown overseas, food will have already been processed into products such as potato starch or pre-cooked potato chips,” FSANZ CEO Mark Booth says in the release.

The FSANZ tests found there were no potential public health and safety concerns with these potato lines. Tests were done on a range of factors including allergy risks and unintended effects resulting from the potatoes’ genetic modification.

The regulatory body is now calling the public for comments as part of its decision-making process that will determine if the GM potatoes will be welcomed to the market.