AgronomyCrop ProductionAlliston Potato Growers 75 Per Cent Done Harvest

Alliston Potato Growers 75 Per Cent Done Harvest


Potato growers in the Alliston, Ont. area are around 75 per cent done digging potatoes, according to an Oct. 7 update from the Ontario Potato Board’s Eugenia Banks.

“Harvest of the processing crop in the Alliston area continued to be in full swing yesterday. Very good quality was noticeable,” Banks noted.

She also stopped and looked a cover crop with six species in a field which will have potatoes grown on it next year. Banks says the mixture looks impressive.

“If you see small, circular holes in some tubers, they could be millipedes feeding holes,” Banks notes. “Millipedes feed on decaying plant material and are attracted to rotting potatoes. Their feeding damage can be confused with wireworm damage. They range in colour from white to grey-black and tend to coil up into a tight spiral when disturbed.  Populations are usually very low, no need to control them.”

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