Business2016 Manitoba Potato Production Days

2016 Manitoba Potato Production Days


Manitoba Potato Production Days, the annual conference and trade show dedicated to Manitoba’s potato industry, wrapped up Jan. 28 after a successful three-day run.

“In think Manitoba Potato Production Days went very well this year,” said Dan Sawatzky, general manager of Manitoba’s Keystone Potato Producers Association. “We’re quite pleased with how it’s turned out.”

Sawatzky noted that the trade show display area within the Keystone Centre, the site of MPPD, was bigger this year to accommodate more exhibitors, and the speaker sessions were also moved to a somewhat quieter area within the large complex.

“The sessions were very attended, and the lineup of speakers I thought was strong this year. I heard a lot of comments from attendees on how much they appreciated the program this year,” said Sawatzky, adding the final count for total turnout for this year’s event is expected to come in at around 500.

There certainly was a packed house on Jan. 28 for “The R.D. Offutt Story”, the luncheon presentation by Ron Offutt, founder of R.D. Offutt Company. The company is America’s largest potato producer with 60,000 acres planted to potatoes in numerous states. It also encompasses food processing operations as well as the largest network of John Deere construction and agricultural equipment dealerships in the U.S.

“We are fortunate to have Ron Offutt join us,” said Sawatzky. “Ron is known throughout the world for his success in the potato business.”

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