b'Looking to Maximize Production? Take Another Look at PGRsBRODIE WORKMANTerritory managerStoller Enterprisesstollerenterprises.caBUSINESS-MINDED GROWERS in potatoes operate in a fine andright throughout the growing season. looking to push yields and movecomplicated balancing act. HormonesAs the plant nears maturity, the plant beyond status quo potato productionmust be present in just the right amountsslows its production of the three growth are increasingly turning to plant growthand at just the right stages of the crophormones but increases its production regulators (PGRs), but not the PGRs youfor a potato plant to successfully set andof two stress hormones to promote might first guess.mature its tubers.die-down: ethylene, which is a growth Most growers think of plant growthThe five most important plant growthregulator, and abscisic acid, which regulators (PGRs) as crop inputs thathormones in potatoes, all of which areterminates the plant. Whereas these inhibit growth: after all, the PGR mostnaturally occurring, include three growthdie-down hormones can prematurely familiar in the agriculture industry inhibitshormones and two stress hormones.terminate a crop if the plant produces stem height. Actually, various PGRs doThe first growth hormone, gibberellicthem in response to an environmental much more. PGRs are hormones thatacid (GA), helps geminate the seed andstress, they are critical to finishing a crop. control every aspect of a plants lifecycle.increases tuber set early in the season.Our vastly improved understanding Manipulating those hormones allowsThe other two growth hormones operateof potato plants natural hormone cycle a grower significant control over cropsynergistically: cytokinin promotes shootallows growers today to manipulate development, enabling more consistentdevelopment while auxin stimulates roothormones for optimized crop production. crop development, improved tuber set,growth. Since a plant needs a balance ofWhile PGRs have been available since optimizing harvest timing, and more. roots and shoots, cytokinin and auxinthe mid 1990s, its only now farmers are Just as they do in humans, hormonesneeds to be present in equal measuresstarting to take advantage of them. SustainabilityWere in This TogetherJOLYN RASMUSSENSenior manager, raw development and sustainabilitySimplotsimplot.comOUR POTATO INDUSTRYhas muchpromoted 4R Nutrient Stewardship. UsingWhile were proud to lead, we believe to learn from the farmers it serves. Tothe right source of fertilizer at the rightagricultural sustainability shouldnt be survive in potato production, growersrate at the right time and in the right placeabout one region, one company or one constantly adapt and improve, try newis a foundation for sustainable crop inputtype of grower. Instead, sustainability things and innovate. They also think longmanagement for producers.needs to be about real improvements termalmost every farmer I speak toWere also committed to sustainabilitymade with an eye to the long-term good hopes they might in time pass their landthroughout our entire business. Inof the entire agriculture industry. To that onto a new generation. Farmers are doingOctober 2020, we unveiled what we callend, on-farm sustainability efforts must a great job, but its up to the rest of theour 4Sight 2030 Sustainability Goals. Ourremain collaborative, change-focused, industry to follow their lead.goals are to reduce energy use by 15 perand pre-competitive. Most companies operate as just a singlecent per ton of product, reduce fresh- We believe partnerships and link in a value chain. Simplot, however,water intake by 15 per cent per ton ofcollaboration enable all of us to multiply operates across the entire value chain product, reduce carbon emissions by 20our efforts across food and agriculture. at one end, we supply crop inputs andper cent per ton of product, and produceThats why were very pleased to agronomic advice; at the other, we processzero waste for food processing plants remain an active member of the Potato top-notch potatoes into customer-readyThe targets are significant steps forwardSustainability Alliance (PSA). Our vision products. We are uniquely positioned toand will require ongoing and substantialis the PSA becomes the sustainability tackle sustainability across the value chain.effort to meet. Thats exactly what weorganization for the entire potato industry. Its a responsibility we take seriously. intendedafter all, meaningful changeFor the good of all, join us in Simplot has actively supported andrequires real commitment.sustainable practices! SPUDSMART.COM Winter 202245'