b'INDUSTRY NEWS BUSINESS NEWS release notes this opens up opportunities for the development of Veltyma Fungicide Registered for Use in Canada for 2022 effective and sustainable disease control technologies.Canadian farmers will be able to use BASFs Veltyma Fungicide onThe research describes how a family of copper-dependent their corn, wheat and potato crops for the 2022 growing season,enzymes is present in P. infestans. This helped its ability to BASF Canada Agricultural Solutions says in a news release. BASFdegrade pectina key component of plant cell wallsallowing has received Canadian registration for the fungicide. it to break through the plants defences, the release says. By The fungicide includes the new active ingredient Revysol andsilencing the gene responsible for producing these enzymes, provides broad spectrum control against key leaf diseases onresearchers could inhibit the infection of potato plants.multiple crops including corn, wheat and potatoes, includingPenetrating the plant cuticle and cell wall is the first step Group 3 resistant biotypes, the release notes. Revysol is the firstin infection, and the cell wall represents the site of the major and only Isopropanol-Azole, a unique chemistry discoveredstruggle between host and pathogen, Steve Whisson, a and developed by BASF, which provides broader, stronger, andmolecular biologist at the James Hutton Institutes Cell and longer control against various diseases on multiple crops. Molecular Sciences department, says in the release. There are Veltyma provides growers with the best of both worlds:significant gaps in our knowledge of the molecular mechanisms multiple modes of systemic residual activity while deliveringunderpinning successful host invasion by these pathogens.proven plant health benefits, including increased growthThe project New Enzymatic Virulence Factors in Phytophthora efficiency and greater yield potential. With the launch ofinfestans is a collaboration with the University of York, running Veltyma, we are setting a new standard of disease control,from 2021 to 2025, and is supported with a one-million-pound Trevor Latta, brand manager for corn, soybean and horticulture,grant from the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research BASF Canada, says in the release. Council, part of UK Research and Innovation.Veltymas registered for use multiple crops including corn,The research was published in the journal Science.potatoes, wheat and soybeans, the release notes. It provides broad spectrum control against key leaf diseases in corn, including northern corn leaf blight, tar spot, common rust, eyespot and gray leaf spot, along with protection against keyDiploid Potato Variety Resistant to Colorado Potato foliar diseases in potatoes, such as early blight, black dot andBeetles Developedbrown spot. In wheat, it provides control against septoria leafA group of researchers have developed a diploid potato blotch, leaf rust, stripe rust and tan spot. variety which is resistant to Colorado potato beetles, a recently Veltyma contains the active ingredients Pyraclostrobin (Grouppublished study in Crop Science says.11) and Mefentrifluconazole (Group 3)also known as Revysol.Natalie Kaiser, lead author of the study and a researcher at Revysols unique molecular structure binds target enzymesMichigan State University, developed the beetle-resistant potato more powerfully than other Group 3 products on the market,variety. Her team used diploid breeding to shorten the time providing best-in-class performance on a broad spectrum ofneeded for field trial testing.diseases, including some disease strains that have becomeA news release on the study says they were able to compare resistant to other Group 3 fungicides, the release says. It alsothe chemical profile of hundreds of individual potatoes with contains Pyraclostrobin, which provides proven plant healththeir resistance to the Colorado potato beetle in the field.benefits for increased growth efficiency, better management of"We found chemical signatures that could predict resistance minor stress, and greater yield potential. to Colorado potato beetles," Kaiser says in the release. "Breeders can select resistant potatoes with a simple chemical measurement instead of having to conduct field trials."Kaiser and her team developed diploid potatoes that are self-RESEARCH NEWS compatible. Through this process they discovered multiple genes New Way Found for How Late Blight Infects Potatoes and the environment determine whether some potatoes can A group of researchers have discovered a new way in whichproduce self-fruit and seed, the release says.potatoes are infected by Phytophthora infestans, the pathogenThe new potato varieties and genetic tools will allow which causes late blight, a news release from the James Huttonresearchers to "examine the genetic foundations of self-fertility, Institute says. and insect and disease resistance," explains Kaiser. "This way, we Researchers at the James Hutton Institute and University ofcan create new potato varieties that were previously infeasible."York, working alongside colleagues in France, Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom, were able to find previously unexplored ways in which P. infestans breaks through plant cell walls. 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