b'The soil health cycle: preserve today, provide for tomorrowSoil holds the secrets to keeping your roots and yourand quality over time. Beneficial nematodes feed crop healthy. To help ensure your soil supports aon bacteria, fungi, insects or harmful nematodes plentiful and quality harvest year after year, you willin the soil, stimulating soil nutrient cycles, and benefit from a clear understanding of the actionskeeping populations of damaging plant pests and you can take to keep it a productive resource. diseases at bay. Therefore, it is crucial to adopt farm management tools that work in harmony with the Doran describes soil health as The capacity of soilbeneficial nematodes.to function as a vital living system, within ecosystem and land-use boundaries, to sustain plant andYou can take several actions to preserve and animal productivity, maintain or enhance waterpromote the health of your soils, including:and air quality, and promote plant and animal Minimizing disturbance by adopting practices likehealth (Doran et al. 1996). Healthy soils can suppressno-till or minimum tillagenaturally soil-borne pathogens and pests, support efficient nutrient cycles and provide improved Planting cover crops to preserve moisture andphysical structure for robust root foundation andreduce erosionplant growth. This is why it is important to know what Promoting biodiversity in the soils by choosingagricultural practices to adopt to boost soil health.inputs that are less disruptive to the beneficialCrops draw nutrients from the soil through theirorganisms in the soilroots. The roots in turn, release food that sustains And using nematicides that preserve beneficialthe beneficial organisms in the soil. However, rootsnematodes and control harmful onesare not immune to threats. A variety of factors can destroy roots. One of the least understood threatsHealthy soils promote healthy crops and abundant is harmful nematodes, which are microscopic andyields for years. A simple shift from merely managing invisible to the naked eye but can cause significantthe soil to proactively advancing soil health and yield loss. Control of harmful nematodes is essentialrecognizing the greater role it plays in benefiting to keeping crops healthy. Contrary to what manyfarmland and the planet can create long-term people think, the number of harmful nematodes invalue. As farmers, you can take actions today to the soils is easily outnumbered by the number ofleave behind a legacy for the future.beneficial nematodes that promote natural fertility Start at the roots. A new way to elevate your soil is on the horizon. For more information about Corteva Agriscience products or to contact our Horticulture Experts, visit us at Horticulture.corteva.caTrademarks of Corteva Agriscience and its affiliated companies.2022 Corteva.0921-3881 - Horticulture Spudsmart Print Ad.indd 1 2021-09-15 9:18:25 AM'