b'LESS BUGS. MORE SPUDS.Maximize quality and yield with early-season insect control.Getting potatoes off to a healthy start is critical to a successful finish. Thats where Titan comes into play. Its the seed-piece insecticide that delivers superior, longer-lasting control of major aboveground pests like aphids, Colorado potato beetles, flea beetles and leafhoppers. And in addition to providing the broadest spectrum of protection available, Titan also helps reduce wireworm damage. So go big. Go with Titan. To learn more, visit agsolutions.ca/Titan or call AgSolutions Customer Care at 1-877-371-BASF (2273).Always read and follow label directions.AgSolutions and TITAN are registered trade-marks of BASF,used under license by BASF Canada Inc. 2022 BASF Canada Inc.MAGClient: BASF Publication: Spud SmartFile Name: TITAN Ad_SS_v1 Page Position: FP4C CMYK BW Audrey Desiree V1Project Name: Titan Ads Live Area: 7.125 x 9.875 ART DIR STUDIO ARTDocket Number: 2987.2 Trim size: 8 x 10.875 . Ines 12/24/21AD#:Bleed: 8.25 x 11.125PMS PMS COPYWRITER ACCT MGR PROOF #'