b"A pile of potatoes at Victoria Potato Farm in Victoria, P.E.I. The potatoes are unable to be sold due to the current export ban for Prince Edward Island potatoes to the United States.PHOTO: VICTORIA POTATO FARMendobioticum was discovered in twoconcerns to the Canadian governmentdetections of potato wart or Synchytrium different P.E.I. commercial potato fieldsand said it would impose a federal orderendobioticum in Canada. by the CFIA Charlottetown Laboratory.banning imports of all fresh P.E.I. potatoesHowever, U.S. exports still dont have The fields were already under CFIAif Canada didnt act first to suspend trade.the green light.surveillance due to association withSo, in response, the Canadian governmentBefore U.S. exports are resumed, the earlier investigations.made a Ministerial Order suspending theNPC wants it to be determined where After this discovery, the Potato Wartexport of all P.E.I. potatoes, whether freshSynchytrium endobioticum is in P.E.I., for Domestic Long-Term Management Plan wasor seed, to the U.S. on Nov. 21. the CFIA to reinstate more soil testing and immediately put in place and seed exportsWhen this first happened, most peoplefor secondary measures to be put in place to the U.S. were suspended on Nov. 2.we talked to, we reached out processors,to minimize future risks.On Nov. 16, the NPC and 13 statepackers down (in the U.S.), they didn'tIt's entirely in the technical experts potato organizations sent a letter to USDAeven know about it. And the only personcourt to get that information together, and Secretary Tom Vilsack asking the U.S.that really knew about it was Nationalthen figure out what the data is telling government to suspend all imports of P.E.I.Potato Council, Donald says. them, Quarles says.potatoesnot just seed. In a news release,Since the suspension was announced,However, P.E.I. Potato Boards Donald the P.E.I. Potato Board said based onthe government has formed an industryquestions though how much of this issue discussions they had, the calls for furtherworking group on the issue andis based on science or if it boils down to a border restrictions werent reflective of theannounced $28 million in federal fundingtrade issue. If its a trade dispute issue he whole American potato industry. for affected growers. In a news releasesays it needs to be dealt with as that.It's this rapid succession of detectionsabout the funding, the governmentThere's absolutely no reason why is what's driving this. The circumstancessays the money will be used to supporttable potatoes that are washed and sprout on the ground are clearly indicatingthe diversion of surplus potatoes tonipped shouldn't be going to the U.S. that the situation is not under control,organizations such as food banks. They say it's a technical discussion, but Kam Quarles, NPC CEO, explains in a On Dec. 23, a national survey ofthere's no good technical reason why they phone interview.potato wart by the CFIA was released.shouldn't be other than (the U.S.) don't The U.S. then expressed seriousThe expedited survey found no furtherwant them in there, he says.10SPUDSMART.COM Winter 2022"