b'RNA-based Biopesticide Kills 98.3 Per Cent of Coloradoour focus now is maximizing effectiveness through further Potato Beetles laboratory tests and field trials and organizing appropriate A Vancouver, B.C.-based company has announced ancommercial partners for the next phases of product independent test of its environmentally safe, RNA-baseddevelopment, John Husnik, CEO of Renaissance BioScience, biopesticide technology was found to have 98.3 per centsays in the release.mortality of Colorado potato beetle (CPB) larvae, a news release from Renaissance BioScience Corp. says. It also greatly reduced the amount of plant damage caused by the beetle.The proof-of-concept test, conducted by a leadingNew Late Blight Resistant Potato Variety Releasedinternational agriculture consultancy with expertise in pesticideA new potato variety called CIP-Matilde, which is resistant to late evaluation, applied Renaissances proprietary yeast-based RNAblight, has been released, Crop Trust and the International Potato interference technology. The test is designed to precisely targetCenter (CIP) say in a news release.and turn off a specific CPB gene, the release says. The new variety was developed through a partnership A benefit of the novel proprietary RNA production and oralwith farmers, breeders and scientists in Peru starting in 2010. delivery platform technology is its possible to include multipleThey identified wild potatoes with resistance to disease and different gene targets in each cell of the delivery system. Thisincorporated it into cultivated varieties, a process known as pre-greatly reduces or eliminates the potential for CPB to developbreeding, the release notes.resistance to this biopesticide, the release notes. "The outcome is a tasty tuber suitable for regular consumption We still have work to do but these findings confirm thethat also withstands late blight, an aggressive disease that can potential for our technology for crop protection. Given thatdestroy a potato crop in a matter of weeks," the release says.the large-scale, low-cost production of yeast is already readilyCIP-Matilde was developed by CIP with the support of the available from well-established global yeast companies,Crop Trust through its Crop Wild Relatives Project, a 11-year We can talk all day about our high quality machines for storage and processing but its the result that counts VISIT US AT THE POTATO EXPO PEI30-31 MARCHSTAND 105MULTIPLE MODES OF ACTION - Fungicide & BactericideDouble Nickel is the trusted pioneer in biofungicides that is safe on beneficialsand has no residues.SPUDSMARSMART.CTOM.COM Summer 20SPUDWinter 2021226565WWW.UAP.CA'