b'FROM OUR DESKSummer 2021 - Vol. 18, No. 3Advancing the Canadian Potato IndustryMy Kind of, Sort of,PUBLISHED BY:ISSUES INK Northern Obsession 6327435 Canada Ltd.403-313 Pacific Ave., Winnipeg, MB R3A 0M2Phone: 204-453-1965, Fax: 204-475-5247Email: [email protected] HAVE A SECRET to admit. I love to go on about how greatissuesink.comCanadas North is. Ill brag to anyone about the polar bears. ButPUBLISHERthe truth is, I really dont know anything about the North. Shawn [email protected] North has always fascinated me. I knew living there wasntEDITORfor the faint at heart and those who did grappled with issues fromAshley [email protected] to food insecurity. I always wanted to know more andEDITORIAL DIRECTORhad started wondering, can you grow potatoes there? Sonja [email protected] day I received an email from Brett van Heyningen inMANAGING EDITORASHLEY ROBINSON, Spud Smart editor Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC)s communicationsMichelle [email protected]. He regularly sends me stories on potato researchADVERTISING SALESby AAFC scientists. The story he sent this day was different fromCraig [email protected] the rest. It was about a project AAFC scientists were doing onDean [email protected] vegetables in the North. I was right away excited as itSam [email protected] gave me a lead to write a story about northern potatoes. CREATE CLIENT SERVICESThe result is Northern Spuds on pages 6 to 11, an in-depth lookAiden [email protected] at food insecurity in northern Canada and what role potatoesMARKETINGcan, and are having, in solving those food issues. Writing it wasTheresa Ramsoomair, Shelby Colbert [email protected] eye-opening experience. I hadnt realized theres commercial farms located in theCREATIVELesley Nakonechny, Kyle Dratowany, Theresa Ramsoomairterritories. When I talked with Steve MacKenzie-Grieve at Yukon Grain Farm, I learned the scale of their farms are similar toCIRCULATIONEurope. On Yukon Grain Farm, they use this European similarityDean [email protected] the equipment they own. MacKenzie-Grieve discovered aCONTRIBUTORSBelgium AVR potato harvester works best for him as it handlesEugenia Banks and Trevor Bacquepotatoes less than its North American counterparts.EDITORIAL ADVISORY BOARDKhalil Al-Mughrabi, Benoit Bizimungu, Robert Coffin,Another discovery was the true potato seeds CanadianNick Hubbard, Jason Kehler, Keith Kuhl, Kevin MacIsaac,connection. I had been interested in this idea of planting potatoesBill Moons, Rick D. Peters, Janet Porchak, Tracy Shinners-Carnelley, from seed instead of tuber for a while. However, I had yet to find aBert Tupling, Peter VanderZaagCanadian story on it through my potato industry contacts. When ISUBSCRIPTIONSreached out at Jackie Milne at the Northern Farm Training InstituteSpud Smart is published four times a year.in Hay River, N.W.T. the first thing she said to me was how excitedTo subscribe, please email [email protected] subscription rate is: $45.00/year plus GST. she was about the possibilities of true potato seeds in the North.International subscription rate is CDN$110.00/year.The seeds are the perfect fit for remote areas of the world where PRINTED IN CANADAshipping tuber seed is expensive, aka Canadas North.Please recycle where facilities exist.Theres a lot of opportunities in the North when it comes toNo part of this magazine may be reproduced without the written growing vegetables. It cant happen though without researchpermission of the publisher. support from scientists at places like AAFC and open minds fromSpud Smart makes no expressed or implied warranties of others in the agriculture industry. We need to understand whilemechantability or fitness for a particular purpose or otherwise, concerning the use of any product and assumes no liability for large commercial production works for southern Canada, smallerany injury or damage, direct or consequential, incurred from production and in some cases backyard gardens are the right fitthe use of such products or services therein. Federal, provincial for northern Canada. By growing food these ways, it can helpand municipal laws and regulations supersede the information solve some of the Norths food insecurity issues. contained within. P.S. Our team at Spud Smart is excited to partner with thePublications Mail Agreement No. 40030841.Potato Growers of Alberta (PGA) and Ontario Potato BoardReturn undeliverable Canadian addresses to:(OPB) to offer two bursaries for the upcoming school year. TheseIssues Ink403-313 Pacific Ave., Winnipeg, MB R3A 0M2bursaries come from the Canadian Spud Congress proceeds held last February and are open to family members of PGA and OPBPRIVACY CODEmembers. Please reach out to PGA or OPB if youre interested inTo view our privacy policy, visit [email protected] Summer 2021'