b'Attention: Farmers!Cleanfarms 2021Unwanted Pesticides & Old Livestock/Equine Medications Collectionwill be in the following regions this fall: Interior B.C., Southern Alberta, Northern Saskatchewan, New Brunswick, Nova ScotiaLook for details on locations & dates later this summer and check out Cleanfarms.casee "Unwanted/Outdated Products" under "What to Recycle & Where"Unwanted Old PesticidesOld Obsolete Livestock/Equine Medications Collection Whats InOnly agricultural or commercial solid and liquidWhats Inpesticides, insecticides & herbicides identiedOnly livestock/equine medications used by with a Pest Control Product number (PCP No.) on the label primary producers in the rearing of animals in an Adjuvants: only open with partial amount le; no full,agricultural context or horse ownersunopened containers Identied with a DIN number, Serial Number, Unlabeled pesticide, insecticide & herbicide product Notication Number or Pest Control Product number identify it by writing UNKNOWN across it (PCP No.) on the product labelSeed treatment products Unlabeled animal health productidentify it by writing Growth retardants with a PCP number UNKNOWN across itWhats Not Whats Not No aerosols, even pesticides or animalNo needles/sharpshealth products No ear tagsNo treated seed No medicated feedNo rinsateNo household hazardous waste (residential waste, oils, paints, etc.) PartnerNo foam makers, sanitizers, soaps, iodine, acids, premise disinfectantsNo fertilizer or micronutrientsLook for the PCP number on the label. If there is one, it\'s accepted; if there isn\'t, it\'s [email protected] @cleanfarms2021_CF_OBSOLETE_AD_SPUDSMART_8.25x10.875.indd 1 2021-06-30 10:25 AM'