b'For potato growers in Canada, GMOs could provide valuable pest resistance and help them be more competitive with United States growers who use GMO products. However, right nowIt was something that really came there are no GMO potatoes harvested across the country. Changing consumer perceptions, and thereby creating a demandout of the dark for them, and it for these products, is what it will take. was surprising and scary for many. And the stakes are high for more than just those reasons. GMO products could be the key to reducing the impact of climateBecause of that, we ended up change and tackling hunger and food insecurity around theshelving the idea.world. If science isnt trusted, GMOs and other modern practices are at risk. KURTIS BAUTEStart the ConversationIts easy to overload people with facts. But the fact is, mostgene editing can be used as a tool to fight hunger and keep people who dont have farming backgrounds dont care aboutfarmers in business.the nitty-gritty details of scientific testing as a farmer might. It Cater your conversation to the person youre talking toIf takes a different approach. talking to another farmer, feel free to get into the details and Anytime you are promoting scientific ideas, youre going to haveprocesses. When talking with someone who knows little about people who are not excited about them, says Kevin Folta, professoragriculture, meet them where they are.at the University of Florida. It applies to all science, whether youre Ask questions and show empathyListen and show them talking about genetic engineering or climate change. you are listening. People are passionate about their food, and Before starting the conversation, think about how to be athey should be. Learn more about what motivates them and their better communicator. Here are a few tips to get the conversationfears, acknowledge them and keep this information top of mind started the right way: when talking about GMOs or other controversial topics. Avoid inundating people with facts and figuresTalk aboutEmploying these three tactics helps get the conversation off on why you care about using science on your farm. For example,the right foot.22SPUDSMART.COM Summer 2021'