b'B:8.5"T:8.25"S:7.125"S:9.875" T:10.875" B:11.125"A great work of art is a thing of beauty.You work hard to create your masterpieces. Help keep them flawless from spring to harvest with Luna Tranquilityfungicide. Its systemic activity and two modes of action offers outstanding protection from early blight, brown spot, white mould and black dot. Your potatoes are your world. Give them the best with Luna Tranquility.Always read and follow label directions. Bayer, Bayer Cross and Luna Tranquility, are registered trademarks of the Bayer Group.Bayer CropScience Inc. is a member of CropLife Canada. 2021 Bayer Group. All rights reserved.PR10928 Bayer Luna Tranquility_Atlas_8.25x10.875_Spudsmart_081.indd Bayer-081-4C-20211 Helvetica Neue LT Std Bayer/Agricultural7.125" x 9.875" Spudsmart 8.25" x 10.875" PR109288.5" x 11.125" 5-31-2021 10:07 AM8.25" x 10.875" Luna Tranquility Peter.RambachanCMYK Tiffany.Punnett100%'