Well, the 2022 Canadian Spud Congress is now in our rear-view mirrors and first off, I want to say thank you. There’s a lot of people to thank starting with all of you for tuning in, asking questions, hanging out in the Spud Shed, uploading potato pictures and visiting the exhibition hall. We couldn’t do the Congress without you, those who attend make all the work we do to plan it worth it.

Next up, I’d like to thank my colleagues. They all worked so hard the past few months to plan the Congress. From planning and hosting sessions, social media, story writing, promotional materials, sponsorship sales, tech work to a million other things, they worked so hard to bring you all an amazing experience in your homes and offices.

There are also the provincial and national potato associations, their support of the Congress is integral. At Spud Smart our goal with the Canadian Spud Congress has always been to bring together potato growers from across the country and without the potato associations promoting the Congress and helping us line up speakers, that wouldn’t be possible.

On that note, thank you to the presenters. You all worked so hard to plan out presentations and take time out of your busy schedules to sit on panel discussions. I was blown away by your knowledge bases and the conversations you were able to help start with our audience. Being willing to share what you know and answer questions from those curious about that knowledge makes the Congress such a worthy experience for those attending.

And of course, we could never have pulled off the show without the generous support of our sponsors. Potato companies from across North America exuberantly supported the Congress from sponsoring sessions to buying booths and sitting there answering any questions attendees may have. This support was integral to the success of the Congress.

The two days of the Canadian Spud Congress were a whirlwind for me. I was so thankful to finally be able to share all that we had worked so hard on and to enjoy it and learn myself. I’ve spent months talking with my colleagues and planning the sessions, I was so excited to finally get to hear them. I knew this year we really had something for everyone on the farm, from marketing to agronomy to succession planning to after-hours fun with drinks, I knew everyone who attended would find something that interested them.

It’s hard to believe it’s all over, and if you’re looking to relive those amazing moments that’s what the spring issue of Spud Smart is for. My colleagues and I have written stories on all the sessions from the Congress, and on each of those story pages we have included the session recording. So, if you missed one of the sessions you wanted to see, fear not we have the recordings all here in one easy to watch spot.

So please sit back and enjoy reliving all the best moments of the Canadian Spud Congress in the spring 2022 digital issue of Spud Smart.

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