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What is remote sensing, and how can we use it in today’s potato production systems?
In this FREE webinar, on Wednesday, May 16, participants will learn about:

  • Types of remote sensing equipment
  • Remote sensing to assist with agronomic decisions
  • Remote sensing in storage
  • Remote sensing and variable rate nitrogen


  • Anne Smith, Ph.D., is a Research Scientist with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada at the Lethbridge Research and Development Centre. Her area of expertise is application of optical and radar remote sensing to agriculture. She works with remote sensing data acquired using ground-based, drones, aircraft and satellite sensor systems. One of her more recent projects was on the use of drone imagery for potato production and delineating field heterogeneity.
  • Brian Bohman is a Ph.D. candidate in Water Resources Science at the University of Minnesota. His research on using remote sensing and simulation modeling to support nitrogen fertilizer and irrigation management decisions is helping potato producers improve their input use efficiencies and profitability while reducing their impact on water resources.


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