AgronomyCrop ProductionU.S. Planted Three Per cent Less Potatoes This Year

U.S. Planted Three Per cent Less Potatoes This Year


United States growers planted 910,000 acres of potatoes, down three per cent from 2021’s 943,000, the June 2022 acreage report from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) said.

Nine of the 13 main potato growing states are reporting acreage decreases, with the largest drops coming in Florida, Idaho, California, and Texas. The USDA is reporting growers in Nebraska, Washington, and Maine all planted more potatoes.

The USDA is predicting there’ll be 902,000 acres of potatoes harvested this year, down four per cent from 935,700 acres last year.

The USDA noted if these predictions are correct, this will be the lowest planted and harvested are on record for the country.

In Idaho, acreage is the smallest since 1965. Planting was ahead of schedule in the state with 96 per cent of the crop emerged as of June 19, the report said.

In North Dakota however, planting started in mid-May which was well behind schedule, the report noted. As of June 19 crop emergence was reported at 55 per cent, behind the five-year average of 90 per cent.

Potato planting in Washington started on time, progressing ahead of schedule with 90 per cent of the crop emerged, up from 78 per cent last year.

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