b'2020 BUYERS GUIDE TECHMARK GENERAL METAL FABRICATIONS H.F. STEWARTContact: Patrick Morris Contact: Gerald Bauman Contact: Zach Stewart15400 S. US 27 PO Box 8784038 Route 14Lansing, MI48906 269 Manitoba Rd. OLeary, PEC0B 1V0T: 517-322-0250 Winkler, MBR6W 4A9 T: 902-859-3400 [email protected] T: [email protected]@generalmetal.ca www.hfstewart.comgeneralmetal.caWe have been designing, installing and servicingH.F. Stewart is a manufacturer of high-quality potato potato storage ventilation across North America.General Metal is an innovative producer of specializedhandling equipment based out of West Point, P.E.I. Techmark offers complete ventilation control systemsequipment in the agricultural, industrial andWe have been in operation for 30 years building that incorporate the newest technologies and energycommercial fields. By listening to you and usingconveyors, potato lines, and live floor systems. Our saving designs to manage your storage system.progressive technology, General Metal is constantlyflagship products are our van trailer insert, live We offer fan systems, humidity, sensors, heatingimproving and growing to address your present andbottom bulk box, and conveyors. and refrigeration, laboratory services for sugar andfuture needs. Our Bau-Man potato handling line process quality, and more. Techmark is a committedof equipment has been developed by local potato member of the Canadian potato industry and we lookgrowers who were requesting modifications andHAITH GROUPforward to serving the industry for the next 30 years. changes to their existing potato equipment. This grewContact: Duane Hillinto requests for custom manufactured equipmentCow House Laneto meet the specific needs of their farms handlingArmthorpe, DoncasterDN3 3EECONVEYORSrequirements, leading the way to producing qualityT: 44 01302 831911EZRATEK handling and transportation equipment to meet the [email protected]: Theo Polstra high-quality standards of todays potato growers. Ourwww.haith.co.uk410 George Avenue commitment is to utilize our fully-equipped plant, Winkler, MBR6W 0J4 together with qualified staff, to help you completeHaith is a world leader in the manufacturing of T: 204-331-3000 your business goals. innovative root crop handling machinery and F: 204-331-3555 systems, specialising in tipping, receiving, [email protected] elimination, grading, sizing, washing, polishing, ezratek.com GREENTRONICS LTD. drying, hydrocooling and packing. Haith are respected Contact: Bill Menkveld as forerunners in packhouse design with major Ezratek, formerly known as Packing & Palletizing75 Arthur St. N. growing and packing companies seeing Haith as their Company (PPC), builds its own custom designedElmira, ONN3B2A1 go-to supplier. Started 75 years ago, Haith is still a automatic solutions, including palletizers, automaticT: 519-669-4698 family owned business with its headquarters and tag placers and big bag fillers for both the potato andF: 519-669-2880 manufacturing facilities in Doncaster England.grain industries and beyond. Ezratek also provides [email protected] custom grading lines for the potato andgreentronics.comonion industry, as well as automated palletizingSPUDNIK EQUIPMENT COMPANY LLCsystems for potato, onion, grass and grain industriesSince 1994, Greentronics has been designing andContact: Andrew Blightand seed cleaners. While minimizing your labour cost,manufacturing practical and reliable electronic584 West 100 Northand maximizing your labour force, Ezratek helps youcontrol and data collecting products for everyday useBlackfoot, ID83221streamline your processes and get your bags out theon agricultural equipment. In the root crop industry,T: 208-785-0480door. Ezratek is your automation solutions provider. our bestselling products are the conveyor scale andF: 208-785-1497yield monitor systems. The conveyor scale offers great [email protected] and improves efficiency on the farm bywww.spudnik.comreducing needless traffic between truck scale and loading points. The yield monitor collects yield data and provides a report card to the grower. Recently, Greentronics completed field trials of their all-new RiteTrace Track & Trace System, designed to provide a complete field-to-storage traceability solution offering growers detailed bin maps linking precise locations for each load back to locations in the field. Greentronics also provides systems to automatically control boom height on harvesters, conveyors and sprayers.6 BUYERS GUIDE 2020 SPUDSMART.COM'