b'2020 BUYERS GUIDE TECHMARK CLIMATE CONTROL Contact: Patrick Morris EQUIPMENT 15400 S. US 27 SYSTEMSLansing, MI48906 BAGGINGT: 517-322-0250 GELLERT COMPANY [email protected] AMERICAN-NEWLONG Contact: DeMar Lotttechmark-inc.com Contact: Gary Wells 3193 Kimberly Road5310 South Harding Street Twin Falls, Idaho83301We have been designing, installing and servicingIndianapolis, IN46217 T: 1-888-GELLERTpotato storage ventilation across North America.T: [email protected] offers complete ventilation control systemsF: 317-786-5225 www.gellert.comthat incorporate the newest technologies and energy [email protected] designs to manage your storage system.www.american-newlong.com Integrated solutions give our grower customers a We offer fan systems, humidity, sensors, heatinglarger view on some of the challenges in the industry. and refrigeration, laboratory services for sugar andSeed growers need bulk filling or a segmented process quality, and more. Techmark is a committedapproach to storing. Fresh market or variety growers member of the Canadian potato industry and we lookare looking for increased quality or pack out. Process forward to serving the industry for the next 30 years.growers want to increase quality holding. Gellert saw these challenges and answered with GellertFresh, an integrated approach with strategic partners for growers and freshpack. Gellert can adapt designs for air floors, ceilings, walls, and more, starting with a fully operational audit from field - to storage - to handling. Come see our integrated solution, GellertFresh, online.Maximizing Potato Yield Starts at PlantingWe can give you the harvest details with a yield monitorRiteDepth - Automatic Depth ControllerSonar Sensor Technology For More Uniform Planting DepthUniform seeding depth is important to achieve uniform emergence which will in turn help with timing and ecacy of spray & fertilizer applications.Sonar sensors improve uniformity while reducing the need for frequent adjustments.Sonar sensors are small, out of the way, allowing a clear view of the planter and cause no obstruction to stubble and trash from previous crops.As a leader in precision agriculture systems we o er unique solutions speci cally designed with the root and vegetable producer in mind.For more information visit greentronics.com or contact us at 519-669-4698BUYERS GUIDE 2020 SPUDSMART.COM 5'