b'2020 BUYERS GUIDEONE PASS. ONE TOOL. MULTIPLE DEPTHS.SPUDNIK EQUIPMENT COMPANY LLC SPUDNIK EQUIPMENT COMPANY LLC HAITH GROUP LOOK TO LEMKENContact: Andrew Blight Contact: Andrew Blight Contact: Duane Hill584 West 100 North 584 West 100 North Cow House LaneBlackfoot, ID83221 Blackfoot, ID83221 Armthorpe, DoncasterDN3 3EET: 208-785-0480 T: 208-785-0480 T: 44 01302 831911F: 208-785-1497 F: [email protected] [email protected]@spudnik.com www.haith.co.ukwww.spudnik.com www.spudnik.comHaith is a world leader in the manufacturing of innovative root crop handling machinery and PLANTERS PROCESSINGsystems, specialising in tipping, receiving, dirt elimination, grading, sizing, washing, polishing, GREENTRONICS LTD. EQUIPMENT drying, hydrocooling and packing. Haith are respectedRegional Sales ManagersContact: Bill Menkveld as forerunners in packhouse design with major 75 Arthur St. N. EZRATEK growing and packing companies seeing Haith as theirONTARIO Shawn Robinson 519-860-6618Elmira, ONN3B2A1 Contact: Theo Polstra go-to supplier. Started 75 years ago, Haith is still aMARITIMES 800-488-0115T: 519-669-4698 410 George Avenue family owned business with its headquarters and F: 519-669-2880 Winkler, MBR6W 0J4 manufacturing facilities in Doncaster England. Regional Distributors [email protected] T: 204-331-3000 QUEBECgreentronics.com F: 204-331-3555 [email protected] Distributions D. Palardy, 450-223-4622LOCKWOOD MANUFACTURINGSince 1994, Greentronics has been designing andezratek.com Contact: Joe Dahlen MANITOBA & SASKATCHEWANmanufacturing practical and reliable electronicEzratek, formerly known as Packing & Palletizing237 12 St. NW. Prairie Agri Sales Ltd., 204-712-7073control and data collecting products for everyday useWest Fargo, ND58078on agricultural equipment. In the root crop industry,Company (PPC), builds its own custom designedALBERTA & BRITISH COLUMBIAautomatic solutions, including palletizers, automaticT: 701-282-5520our bestselling products are the conveyor scale andF: 701-282-9522 AgriGem Equipment Sales Ltd., 250-938-0076yield monitor systems. The conveyor scale offers greattag placers and big bag fillers for both the potato and [email protected] and improves efficiency on the farm bygrain industries and beyond. Ezratek also provideslockwoodmfg.comreducing needless traffic between truck scale andcomplete custom grading lines for the potato and loading points. The yield monitor collects yield dataonion industry, as well as automated palletizingLockwood proudly builds a wide range of potato and provides a report card to the grower. Recently,systems for potato, onion, grass and grain industriesLook to LEMKENs Karat 9 for the \x1f exibility of primary tillage, seedbed preparation, deep mixing and seed cleaners. While minimizing your labour cost,planters, windrowers, harvesters and handling Greentronics completed field trials of their all-newequipment. and ripping in one machine. It is a tillage tool that can replace several di\x1e erent pieces of equip-RiteTrace Track & Trace System, designed to provideand maximizing your labour force, Ezratek helps you a complete field-to-storage traceability solutionstreamline your processes and get your bags out thement. LEMKENs quick change system makes switching tools faster than ever, so you can choose offering growers detailed bin maps linking precisedoor. Ezratek is your automation solutions provider. SCOOPERS the best tools for your depth and conditions. And integrated leveling discs leave a smooth, even locations for each load back to locations in the field. Greentronics also provides systems to automaticallySPUDNIK EQUIPMENT COMPANY LLC \x1d nish.control boom height on harvesters, conveyors andGELLERT COMPANY Contact: Andrew Blightsprayers. Contact: DeMar Lott 584 West 100 North3193 Kimberly Road Blackfoot, ID83221Traction enhancement system reducing both, slippage and fuel consumptionTwin Falls, Idaho83301 T: 208-785-0480T: 1-888-GELLERTOptional heavy rollers prevent moisture loss and erosionLOCKWOOD MANUFACTURING F: 208-785-1497Contact: Joe [email protected]@spudnik.comContour-Track ensures consistent working depth237 12 St. NW. www.gellert.com www.spudnik.comWest Fargo, ND58078T: 701-282-5520 Integrated solutions give our grower customers a F: 701-282-9522 larger view on some of the challenges in the industry.British Columbia and AlbertaManitobaQuebecSeed growers need bulk filling or a [email protected] approach to storing. Fresh market or variety growersMark van Deursen Waldemar Heidebrecht 450-252-8659lockwoodmfg.com are looking for increased quality or pack out. Process250-938-0076 204-712-7073 [email protected] proudly builds a wide range of potatogrowers want to increase quality holding. Gellert [email protected] [email protected], windrowers, harvesters and handlingthese challenges and answered with GellertFresh,Maritimesequipment. an integrated approach with strategic partners for growers and freshpack. Gellert can adapt designsSaskatchewan Ontario Matt Bealfor air floors, ceilings, walls, and more, startingDean Appelt 506-875-4678with a fully operational audit from field - to storageShawn Robinson - to handling. Come see our integrated solution,306-640-2380 519-860-6618 [email protected], online. [email protected] [email protected] your regional LEMKEN representative today for more information about the Karat cultivator. @strategictill|lemken.ca10 BUYERS GUIDE 2020 SPUDSMART.COM'