Spud Smart’s 10 Most Innovative Products — Rite Weight


In this video interview with Greentronics’ Bill Menkveld, Spud Smart editor Ashley Robinson talks with him about Rite Weight, which was named one of Spud Smart’s 10 most innovative products.

Before potato seed hits the field, it needs a seed treatment, but setting the application rate to evenly coat potato seed isn’t easy. This is where Rite Weight from Greentronics comes into play.

By installing the Rite Weight scale on the conveyor ahead of the treater, it can output a signal proportional to the flow rate over the scale. With this connected, the pump will apply chemical according to the flow rate measured by the scale. It offers greater uniformity in chemical application and reduced waste/cost.

The scale can also be used during the fall to apply storage chemicals. It can help with inventory tracking, field and variety totals recording, and mapping of storages.

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