Spud Smart’s 10 Most Innovative Products — AutoPath


In this video interview with John Deere’s Morgan Dietrich, Spud Smart editor Ashley Robinson talks with him about AutoPath, which was named one of Spud Smart’s 10 most innovative products.

AutoPath is a guidance system that automatically creates full-field guidance lines based on the location of planted rows, reducing setup time in the field. Regardless of equipment width, growers are able to easily identify the correct rows for each pass, whether that be the hiller, sprayer or harvester. AutoPath integrates active implement guidance technology currently found on GPS steering system in potato planters.

The AutoPath system is easy to use. Operators need only drive to the line and hit AutoTrac resume. It can also be combined with a variety locator map on-screen to prevent mixing two neighbouring varieties in the field.

AutoPath is part of John Deere’s Gen4 Automation 4.0 display bundle and can be added to many existing John Deere machines.

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