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S-Scan Farms McCain Champion Grower in Alberta


S-Scan Farms of Scandia, Alta. was named the McCain 2016 Crop Year Champion Potato Grower for the McCain Coaldale plant during the annual Growers’ Appreciation Banquet held at the Coast Hotel in Lethbridge.

Stan and Stuart Kanagawa accepted the Champion Grower Award for S-Scan Farms. They have been in the top 10 line-up a total of eight times.

The growers who qualified for the top 10 roster, in order of final standings, were:

  1. S-Scan Farms (Champion Grower) – Stan & Stuart Kanagawa, Scandia
  2. Chin Coulee Spud Farms – John, Delbert & Dwayne Vossebelt, Chin
  3. Claassen Farms Ltd. – Louis & JP Claassen, Vauxhall
  4. Woordman Farms – Arjan & Wietske Woordman, Taber
  5. Zeimak Farms – Marko Maksymytz & Jerry Zeinstra, Taber
  6. Perry Produce – Harold & Chris Perry, Chin
  7. Stiekema Kolhorn JV – Laus Stiekema & Jaco Kolhorn
  8. Tamminga Farms – Bill Tamminga & Harvey DeBoyer, Barnwell
  9. Torsius Tater Farms – Bill & Andrew Torsius, Grassy Lake
  10. Lane Lievaart Farms – Lane Lievaart, Chin

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