AgronomyCrop ProductionPotatoes from Maritimes Making Their Way West to Manitoba

Potatoes from Maritimes Making Their Way West to Manitoba


After the dry summer potatoes from the Maritime provinces are being shipped west to Manitoba to fill processor needs, the Nov. 4 issue of the North American Potato Market News (NAPM) says.

While overall potato production has increased in the Prairie provinces, processors still don’t have enough raw product to last the entire season, the report says. It also notes the extreme heat caused size and quality issues with this year’s crop.

NAPM has revised its forecast for the Canadian potato crop. Canada is now expected to produce 121.9 million cwt of potatoes — a 19 per cent increase. This is 400,000 cwt less than NAPM‘s October forecast. It still would make for Canada’s largest potato crop on record.

Potato yields have been variable across Canada though. The report notes in the east they have been exceptional while in Manitoba and Alberta yields are down significantly. NAPM is forecasting Canada’s national potato yield to be 323 cwt per acre, which is up from last year and the five-year average.

“Harvest is virtually complete in most regions. The overall reduction in our crop forecast can be attributed to lower than expected yields in Manitoba and Alberta,” the report says.

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