NewsP.E.I. Company Launches Irish Rooster Potato

P.E.I. Company Launches Irish Rooster Potato


People in Atlantic Canada looking for a taste of Ireland are now able to buy that country’s most popular potato.

W.P.Griffin Inc., a potato growing and packaging company in Elmsdale, P.E.I., has been growing the Rooster potato in trials for a few seasons. On March 17 — St. Patrick’s Day — it is launching the product to the public.

The Rooster variety was originally developed in Ireland and now accounts for more than half of all table potato sales on the emerald isle, said W.P.Griffin general manager John Griffin.

It’s the number one potato in all of the United Kingdom, Griffin added, and he believes it will prove popular on P.E.I. as well.

“It is a dry potato with a nutty taste,” said Griffin. “I think Islanders like dry potatoes. So this is like a red potato with a dry skin. They are great for baking and mashing, just like Russets, and this potato has a really nice, unique flavour.”

Sobeys agreed to partner with W.P.Griffin for the St. Patrick’s Day launch, offering free in-store sampling in all Sobeys stores in Atlantic Canada that day.

W.P.Griffin has grown about 81 hectares, or 200 acres, of the potato variety so far. The company said it hopes to eventually expand the Rooster brand into other markets in Canada and to ship to the United States.

For more information, visit CBC News.

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