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New Label Expansion for Frontier Max Herbicide

MISSISSAUGA, Ont.— On Sept. 24, 2018, BASF Canada Inc. was granted a new label expansion for FrontierMax herbicide, for control of annual grasses and key broadleaf weeds in potatoes.

In addition to its expanded label on potatoes, Frontier Max is also registered for use on corn, soybeans, dry beans, onions, cabbage and grapes.

“Potato growers continue to look for new solutions for their weed control challenges, and we believe Frontier Max will help our customers to address many of these needs,” said Scott Hodgins, BASF horticulture crop manager. “At the same time, the addition of potatoes to the Frontier Max label will help our retail customers to more effectively manage their inventories.”

With the addition of potatoes to the Frontier Max label, BASF will phase-out Outlook herbicide from the marketplace.

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