Agronomy Manitoba Crop Production Report Oct. 11

Manitoba Crop Production Report Oct. 11


Again, the rains in the week (Tuesday, Oct. 1 to Monday, Oct. 7) were extensive in distribution in the province, but slightly less than last week. The weather station sites recorded 1/2” to 3/4” rainfall.  The air temperatures have generally cooled down, while overnight below freezing temperatures have started. The western areas of the province have received close to 140+ per cent of the normal rainfall. Soils are now saturated. The maps below show the soil moisture status up to 30 cm and up to 120 cm depths (Fig 1 a & b).

Potato harvesting has stalled due to continued rains and now snow. An estimate of about 65 per cent of the potato crop has been harvested in the province.

The 10-day forecast ( indicates more precipitation and some overnight freezing (-3 C) in some areas.

Fig 1. a & b. Soil Moisture conditions by Oct. 7 2019 indicate wet to very wet soils to 30 cm depth, and it is wet even up to 120 cm depth.