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Komet Irrigation Releases New Irrigation Precision Regulator


Fremont, Neb.-based Komet Irrigation has released a new precision regulator, the Komet Precision Regulator (KPR-X), which has an inlet design and self-cleaning mechanism to reduce pressure losses and increase plugging resistance, a May 26 news release said.

The KPR-X features a new axial design with flow deviation fins and a large inlet chamber that evenly direct water to the centre of the device. These components prevent premature one-sided wear from unevenly applied flow forces, resulting in longer service life, the release said.

The design also promotes unimpeded water flow and significantly reduces plugging through an optimal plunger diameter and innovative self-cleaning mechanism. It also has a progressive dampening system within the diaphragm chamber engineered to minimize friction and ensure low hysteresis for continuously smooth operation.

“The KPR-X is a true all-flow regulator, giving growers the advantage of a streamlined product for the entire pivot nozzle range,” Josh Mosier, general manager and technical sales director of Komet Irrigation Corp. for the U.S. and Canada, said in the release. “Each critical component was subjected to meticulous quality controls and tested in a variety of field environments to prove the KPR-X’s ability to withstand the factors that cause pressure variations and contribute to wear.”

The KPR-X is available in Canada for four models ranging from 6 to 20 psi and was built for installation on drops or on top of the pipe in mechanized systems, the release said.

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