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Bill Menkveld

Greentronics, Vice-President, Sales and Marketing

Completing his high school and agriculture college education in the Netherlands, Bill helped on parents’ farm and in their custom farm work business until immigrating to Canada with his family in 1979. Once in Canada, Bill completed a BSc. Agriculture followed by a MSc. at the University of Guelph in 1987. After graduating Bill worked for Sunroot Energy and Commercial Alcohols managing a field research program that investigated Jerusalem artichoke as a potential feedstock for fuel ethanol production. His path then lead him to enter the farm equipment business in 1993 working with Kloosterman Equipment Ltd which later became HJV Equipment Ltd. in Alliston, ON. It was also during this time that Bill and his brother Bert formed Greentronics. Formed as a partnership the company began in 1993 working on product development for vegetable and root crop equipment. Today Bill serves as vice-president of Greentronics, managing sales, marketing and administration.

Articles by Bill Menkveld

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