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HZPC Launches Brand Update

HZPC is continuously growing. The global market leader in innovative breeding, seed potato trading and concept development has launched its brand update. A big step forward, without losing sight of what has always been its core.

Keeping Up with Innovation

Growers, traders, processors, producers. Everyone in the potato chain is familiar with HZPC. Founded in 1898 and rooted in The Netherlands, HZPC has grown to become one of the most innovative partners for all involved in the international industry of potatoes. A position that was not fully represented by the brand. Until today. HZPC launches its renewed branding that expresses the heritage as well as ambition of the network company.

Keeps You Growing

HZPC’s updated brand proposition will not come as a shock to anyone familiar with the brand. As the new brand promise underlines: HZPC Keeps you growing. For over 120 years, the company has been in the business of seed potatoes. They share knowledge and partner up to develop new varieties that live up to the climatological, commercial and cultural demands the industry nowadays faces.

Down to Earth

The new look and feel appears strong as well as simple. It combines heritage with innovation. Over the past months a cross-section of employees, growers, breeders, customers and many other stakeholders of HZPC were interviewed. According to them, HZPC stands for partnership, innovation and knowledge. Also, they clearly expressed that this industry is proud as well as modest. Down to earth. As HZPC with its clean new branding displays.

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