PodcastHow to maximize fungicide use & reduce costs - A Spud Smart...

How to maximize fungicide use & reduce costs – A Spud Smart Innovation Series Webinar & Podcast


AIR’s mission is to protect your crops and allow you to reduce your operating costs. Managing your pesticides effectively has many benefits. Stop working blindly when it comes to fungal diseases! Get a measurement tool that will provide a factual and accurate report on your situation, providing you with scientific evidence that will serve to maximize your strategy. Learn how you can benefit from it!

During this webinar, participants will learn:

  • How spore trapping greatly impact fungus diseases management.
  • Learn how you can reduce your operating costs.
  • See how we process the analysis with a demonstration from our lab.
  • Hear about Potato belt network program experience with agronomist Dave Bell from NB.
  • Ask one of Agronome partner agronomic questions related to our program.
Webinar Speakers:

Dave Bell, P.Ag
New Brunswick Agronomist NSAC (Dalhousie University) BSc Agr. (Plant protection)1986 Private consulting agronomist specializing in potato & rotational row crops since 1999. Utilizing AIR program since 2016.

Christian Lebeau Jacob, M.Sc.,Mcb.A
Microbiologist with a wide variety of work experiences. His career includes a path in the private and academic sector; in virology, bacteriology and mycology; in the fields of pharmaceutical research, clinical research and private R&D. He has also been involved in several committees, associations and external projects, notably with the Bureau de normalization du Québec, the Cégep Régional de Lanaudière as well as the Association des microbiologistes du Québec, of which he is currently president.

Daniel Mondor
Sales and marketing director for AIR Program Fungus diseases / Spore trapping ambassador

To learn more, please contact Daniel Mondor: 450-916-5576 or [email protected]

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