Spud Smart

Roundtable Webinar

How Planting Direction and Spatial Arrangement of Spuds Impacts Growth Potential

Monday, March 4 • 12 PM CST

Join us March 4...

As you prepare to head out into the fields for potato planting this spring, there are a lot of things to consider. What varieties should you grow? When is the best time to turn on irrigation? What pests and disease need to be managed? While those are key questions, exactly how you arrange your plants can also have a significant impact on your crop’s final outcome. In this webinar, Mark Pavek, a potato research agronomist and professor within the department of horticulture at Washington State University, will outline how planting direction and spatial arrangement of potato plants can impact plant growth and crop yield. With planting just around the corner, now’s a perfect time to get the agronomy information you need to maximize returns.

Meet our Speaker

Mark Pavek
Mark Pavek
Potato research agronomist and professor, Washington State University
Pavek conducts applied agronomic and variety development research. He uses his research results to provide outreach to the local industry, aiding in their potato production and marketing. Pavek has extensive farming experience and has worked for several large ag corporations. He was born and raised in Idaho, earning agribusiness and plant science degrees from the University of Idaho and a potato agronomy/horticulture degree from Washington State University. He enjoys spending his off time with his wife Pamela and their family, friends and Labrador retrievers.