b'10 experienced growers, strict Canadian regulations.High quality Alberta seed is started in our own labs and Greenhouses. Authorized HZPC variety agent.Whites: Shepody, Accord, Atlantic, Imola, Audrey, and Ashley. Russets: Norkotah, Burbank, Ranger, Umatilla, Paci c, Alturas, Clearwater and Texas 112, 278 and 296.Reds: Norland, Sangre, Chieftain, Elmo, and Fenway.Yellows: Satina, Yukon Gold, Orchestra, Bintje, Banana, Fandango, Prima Belle, Salinero, Tyson and ColombaMany exotic and specialty varieties also available.Please call or email for further information or availability of varieties and generations.Darcy Olson 12220170 St., Edmonton, ABT5V 1L7Ph: (780) 447-1860Fax: (780) 447-1899Email: [email protected] free: 1 (800) 362-9791EXPERIENCEDEDICATIONPERFORMANCE'