b'MANAGING VERTICILLIUM WILT IN POTATOES PresentersWITH MUSTARD BIOFUMIGATION Haider Abbas currently works as Verticillium wilt of potato is caused by a fungus that canthe applied research specialist with reduce tuber sizes and quality through premature hostManitobas department of agriculture, death, resulting in yield and financial losses. The diseasein Carberry, Man. at the Manitoba Crop also can cause stem-end discolouration in tubers. MustardDiversification Centre, where hes biofumigation has been used to control Verticillium wiltconducting an applied production in the United States and Europe, but success hinges on aresearch program with expertise in specific method. In this presentation, Haider Abbas andcrop agronomy, soil and water management, crop variety Zack Frederick from Manitoba will take you through theirevaluation, and organizing field research and extension trials over the past few years to see if this is a viable optionactivities.in Canada.Haider received his masters degree in agricultural and biosystems engineering from the University of Manitoba, Moderator: Ashley Robinson, editor of Spud Smart with a focus in soil and water engineering, and a bachelor of Sponsored by McCainscience in agricultural engineering, with a focus in irrigation and drainage engineering. Haider was born and raised on a family farm and currently lives in Brandon, Man. with his wife Faryal and two daughters.16CANADIANSPUDCONGRESS.CA March 22 & 23, 2022#spudcon'