b'Improve quality and increase yields with CropKarb and PivotPower for potatoes.CanGrow formulations offer growers a custom advantage to address their specific needs and optimize yields. Our proven and comprehensive program for potato crops provides a complete nutrient program that promotes crops that are not only high yielding, but of superior quality. Using CanGrow formulations like CropKarb and PivotPower, growers optimize yields in premium potatoes for both the table and chip markets. CropKarb PivotPowerOne week after CropKarb application. Untreated.Our CropKarb potato program is a proven, trueSpecifically developed for Alberta Potato fields, biostimulant product that uses next generationour PivotPower formulation is designed to control biostimulant technology to enhance root activityplant growth, displace sodium and maintain while improving bloom set and fruit sizing/bulking.hormonal balance in the tuber zone. Applying A single application of CropKarb delivers PercPlusPivotPower 1, 2, or 3 times per season will also to enhance plant vigor and root activity, Boroncondition the tuber zone soil structure, and Plus to help set and hold more of the youngestincrease water penetration, calcium tissue levels, fruit, and Nutri K to improve fruit sizing andand potassium uptake, for improved tuber quality bulking. and resilience.Contact the CanGrow potato specialist in your area EASTERN CANADA WESTERN CANADAJacco deLange Taber Home and Farmrealize the advantage of higher profits per acre throughUtopia, Ontario Taber, Alberta705-333-1231improved quality and quantityand join the growing [email protected] 403-223-8948 of CanGrow success stories. Scott AndersonSaskatchewan [email protected] Old Walnut Road, P.O. Box 429, Alvinston, Ontario CanadaN0N 1A0 cangrow.com95-0-100-27 Dark Green57-0-100-0 Light Green 128-0-50-0 Light Green 2 CLIENT JOB DESCRIPTION DATE TIME DESIGNER ACCOUNT REPCanGrow CanGrow CropKarb & PivotPowerJuly 7/2017 10:00 jl DO VERSIONAd for SpudSmart AMaterial Deadline, July 7, 2017SIZE COLOUR PRODUCTION NOTES REVISIONSDOCKET # Full Page full colour C/M/Y/K Send final pdf-x1a to SpudSmart353-007 (8.25 x 10.875) FNLTHE MARKETING DEPARTMENT 457 King Street London, Ontario, Canada N6B 1S8 519.439.8080866.439.8080 TMD.CA'