b'Maximizing Potato Yield Starts at PlantingWe can give you the harvest details with a yield monitorRiteDepth - Automatic Depth ControllerSonar Sensor Technology For More Uniform Planting DepthUniform seeding depth is important to achieve uniform emergence which will in turn help with timing and ecacy of spray & fertilizer applications.Sonar sensors improve uniformity while reducing the need for frequent adjustments.Sonar sensors are small, out of the way, allowing a clear view of the planter and cause no obstruction to stubble and trash from previous crops.As a leader in precision agriculture systems we o er unique solutions speci cally designed with the root and vegetable producer in mind.For more information visit greentronics.com or contact us at 519-669-4698We can talk all day about our high quality machines for storage and processing but its the result that counts#spudconMarch 22 & 23, 2022CANADIANSPUDCONGRESS.CA 9'