b'WHAT TO DO WITH UGLY SPUDS? A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE FOR POTATO PRODUCTIONNot every potato you grow is going to be perfectly roundAt last years Canadian Spud Congress, we spoke with and the required sale size. So what do we do with thesepotato growers from across Canada who have been edible ugly or misshapen spuds? In this panel discussionexperimenting with tillage equipment and minimal tillage. well look at opportunities for the potato industry to sellThis year we have invited back some of those growers, these not so perfects spuds to consumers. along with a new face to update on whats happening Moderator: Ashley Robinson, editor of Spud Smart on their farms. In the last year weve seen a push for regenerative agriculture in potato production, we will Panelists discuss how this is impacting the way these growers farm. European Brian Roe has his PhD and is the VanModerator: Marcel Bruins, Spud SmartBuren professor in the departmentcorrespondent of agricultural, environmental and development economics at the OhioPanelistsState University. Roe has workedChad Berry is a partner in Under the Hill broadly in the areas of agricultural andFarms, Over the Hill Farms, and Pleasant environmental economics, focusing onValley Golf Course. Hes also chair of the issues including food waste, agriculturalKeystone Potato Producers Association. marketing, information policy, farm nutrient management,Berry grows processing potatoes and behavioural economics and product quality. He also helped11 other crops across 13,000 acres. His form and currently leads the Ohio State Food Wastefarm is always trying new techniques to Collaborative and co-directs a National Science Foundationmake it more efficient and sustainable.funded research network, with a focus on addressing wasted food. Harold Perry is a fourth-generation farmer. He farms with his brother Chris, Shelly Harris has been an organic farmerfather Gerald, some fifth-generation with Fraserland Organics Inc. in Delta,enthusiasts, and an unbelievable crew. B.C. since 1995. Fraserland OrganicsThe Perrys farm is 5,000 acres with grows potatoes, barley, green beans,4,500 acres irrigated in the Chin-Taber corn and peasall organic. Afterarea of Alberta. The main crop they grow realizing approximately 25 per cent ofis potatoes for FritoLay and McCain their potato crops were being gradedFoods, as well as peas, grains, seed canola, silage corn, out do to minor skin defects or oddcover crops, and experimental mix cropping. The Perrys shapes and sizes, they joined the ugly veg movement andmake their own compost and run an anaerobic digester started Pugly Potatoes in 2015. which generates electricity for the farm with extra power sold to the grid.Homer Vander Zaag farms in Alliston, Ont. and is the president of H. J. Vander Zaag Farms Ltd. He has farmed since 1990, and in the last five years his daughter Karen and son Garrett joined the farm. They farm 1,900 acres of potatoes for the chip market and an additional 1,500 acres of cereal rotation crops.8CANADIANSPUDCONGRESS.CA March 22 & 23, 2022#spudcon'