Evolution Wheel Releases Irrigation Tire that Doesn’t Go Flat


A Winnipeg, Man.-based company, Evolution Wheel, has released the EWRS-PIVOT Series irrigation tire, an airless tire that doesn’t go flat, an April 29 news release says. The EWRS-PIVOT Series irrigation tire is for centre pivot irrigation systems.

Through consultation with farmers Evolution Wheel found out their biggest concern with pivot tires was having flat tires out in the field, the release says. By being an airless tire, the EWRS-PIVOT series tire is a no-flat tire. It’s engineered with unique core hole geometry that compresses like traditional air-filled tires for increased traction. The compression also pushes out any material that could add weight to the tire creating a self-cleaning tire.

There’s also concern from farmers about traction loss, the release notes. To solve this problem the EWRS-PIVOT series has a true-to-spec 14.9 by 24 inch build for increased surface area with a concave profile that has an aggressive bi-directional tread design to maximize both floatation and traction. The EWRS-PIVOT series is also bolted onto the rim in segments, allowing farmers to replace a damaged segment using only a three quarter inch socket right in the field.

The tire is also North American made, the release says.

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