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Chip[s] Board turns the waste from potatoes into an alternative to MDF.

Eco-friendly Alternative to MDF Made from Potato Peelings

Two Kingston University (London, England) graduates have created an environmentally friendly, sustainable and biodegradable alternative to MDF, produced from potato peelings.

Graphic design graduates Rob Nicol and Rowan Minkley are the team behind Chip[s] Board – a potato-based product turning food waste material from restaurants into a robust ready-to-use chipboard-like sheet. The environmentally friendly product is strong enough to construct temporary structures designed to last more than a month.

Five kilograms of potato peelings produce one kilogram of Chip[s] Board, meaning a lot of potato peelings were needed in the development process. One of the next steps is to source a regular, large scale source of peelings. So the duo are looking to work with companies like McCain or Lamb Weston. “If we can collect all of their waste, we can turn it into something of high value,” says Nicol.


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