Do More Ag Drops Sticker Collection


The Do More Agriculture Foundation (Do More Ag) recently released its new Mental Health Support Stickers, designed to promote mental health on farms and at businesses where support and resources are needed, according to a release.

The stickers will contain a QR code that can scan the user’s current location and offers the crisis line and local agriculture resources catered to the specific province or territory. The stickers are available in both English and French. Purchase the stickers here.

Earlier this year, Do More Ag launched its Embracing the Awkward campaign. Additional workshops available from the not-for-profit Canadian organization include the ‘Talk, Ask Listen Workshop’ and ‘AgCulture.

“Agriculture is an industry steeped in hard work and resilience; these traits can make it hard for producers to talk about mental health. We want to help break down the barriers surrounding talking about mental health and work together to end the stigma that keeps people from reaching out when they need support and/or starting a conversation with someone they think is struggling,” shared Megz Reynolds, executive director of Do More Ag, in a past release.

For Mental Health Awareness month, Reynolds joined Seed World Group for the podcast episode “How to Promote Mental Health in Agriculture.”

“We may not all deal with a mental illness at some point in our lives, but we all are going to have challenges with our mental health at some point,” says Reynolds in the episode. “I think we, especially in agriculture, have normalized some indicators. Do you have a short fuse? Are you always tired? Are you eating more or eating less? Are you consuming alcohol more than you should be? These are all things that we’ve normalized in the industry as personality traits, but they are often all symptoms of an underlying mental health or mental illness that we need to be dealing with or seeking professional help for.”

Listen to the full episode here.

For more information on the Do More Agriculture Foundation, visit their official website.

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