PromotedCorteva Agriscience Acquires Stoller Enterprises — Your Questions Answered

Corteva Agriscience Acquires Stoller Enterprises — Your Questions Answered


It’s official! On March 2, 2023, Corteva Agriscience competed the acquisition of Stoller, which means we’re now under the umbrella of one of agriculture’s biggest and most respected agri-chemical companies. We see it as a vote of confidence that Corteva invested in Stoller, and we’re excited to join Corteva to bring ever better Stoller products to more North American farmers. That said, our biggest message to farmers and retailers is that, for the near term, expect business as usual. Stoller will remain functionally independent for at least the next year, so farmers can rest assured they’ll be able to continue purchasing their trusted Stoller products at their local retailer without change.

The biologicals market is one of the fastest growing segments in the crop protection industry today. It’s projected to make up a whopping 25 per cent of the total crop protection market by 2035 (which, let me just say, is fantastic news from both sustainability and agricultural productivity standpoints!). Seeing the opportunity in biologicals, Corteva decided it would acquire a company that already boasted proven leadership and expertise in biologicals — Stoller. In doing so, Corteva cemented itself as an industry leader in biologicals, biostimulants and bio-nutrition essentially overnight. Stoller’s 50 years of experience, our exceptional commercial model (we currently sell our products to farmers in 70 countries around the world), and our earned reputation all mean Corteva gains instant access to the biologicals market and a strong launch pad for further development in this sector.

We at Stoller are very excited to join Corteva. Its interest in Stoller underlines and reinforces the value that Stoller brings to the marketplace, and hints at the big opportunities ahead for our products.

Corteva’s customer reach is far bigger than Stoller’s, which I hope will give us opportunities for significant growth over the coming years. I also see opportunity to leverage Corteva and Stoller’s complimentary strengths, encompassing and coordinating biologicals, traditional crop protection products and seed genetics.

We’re committed to upholding the excellent service and solutions you rely on. Thanks for your continued business. We look forward to working with you for years to come!

If you have any questions about the acquisition or our products, contact your local Stoller territory manager.

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