INSIDERS Chasing Harvesters

Chasing Harvesters


I have run beside many planters and maybe even more harvesters, jumping over dirt clumps and getting a face full of dust – all for that perfect picture of a piece of equipment in action. As growers know, being out in the field isn’t necessarily glamourous, but we love it and wouldn’t have it any other way.

I’m part of the marketing team at Lockwood, and many of us have spent our fair share of time “in the dirt” to ensure we capture our equipment performing perfectly in the field. My job isn’t what people imagine when they think old-school advertising, because our company wouldn’t be successful if we just focused on ‘selling the most widgets’. Instead, Lockwood focuses on meeting the real-world needs of farmers. In our marketing department, that means identifying and then delivering the usable, practical, boots-on-the-ground information farmers need.

Our mission at Lockwood is to ‘strengthen the profitability of the potato customer through innovative solutions and service excellence’. From R&D all the way down to ensuring each screw is tightened – and yes, to each element of marketing too – we constantly ask: how is this going to benefit the grower?

Our job is not just knowing all the ‘on paper’ specs about each piece of equipment, it’s knowing what it sounds like in action, why it is that a grower likes something placed a certain way on the machine, what specific elements improve the functionality or operator experience. We can only get that kind of feedback when we’re face-to-face with growers and in the field with machines.

So, how does me running beside a harvester, getting covered in dirt, tie into the story? When our machines roll off the factory floor, they’re pristinely clean and totally convenient to photograph or film. But that’s not the real world of farming. To give growers the information they need when they’re in the market for a new machine, we need images and video of machines in action.

That’s why, when the marketing team gets the call that conditions are right and a piece of equipment is headed out to the field, we routinely drop everything to capture that machine in action. My hope is that the photos and video we capture (in between running alongside a harvester) prove useful to you!

Anne Taylor
Anne Taylor
Marketing Specialist, Lockwood - Anne Taylor is a marketing specialist with Crary Industries. She grew up around agriculture and has a background in livestock and crop farming. Her favorite part of working with Lockwood is learning about all the engineering and design that goes into developing the equipment.