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BMPs for Potato Fertilization

We posed the question of BMPs for potato fertilization to three growers from across the country: Manitoba’s Chad Berry, Bill Vasily of Ontario and New Brunswick’s Carl Stephenson. Here are their views on the best of the BMPs.We are pleased to present the second edition of ROUNDTABLE, Spud Smart’s special series in which we ask growers from different regions of the country for their insights and opinions on Best Management Practices in…

BMPs for Seed Potato Treatment

Seed treatments provide insurance for potato growers to help protect their investment until the first seedlings emerge. These days, farmers can choose from a growing number of insect and disease control products for seed potatoes, as well as strategies for getting the best results for their seed treatment programs. Spud Smart magazine is ushering in 2014 with the addition of ROUNDTABLE, a new special series in which we ask growers from different regions…

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