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More Ways to Get Great Potato Info

In this space in our last issue, our director of Digital Strategies at Issues Ink, Jill Hollosi, informed Spud Smart magazine readers about the brand new look, enhanced responsiveness and increased functionality of That was just the start. There have been some more exciting new digital developments and engagement opportunities for website visitors here at Spud Smart. I’m pleased to tell you about our new Spud Smart podcasts and webinars. This…

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As the director of Digital Strategies at Issues Ink, publisher of Spud Smart, I am delighted to share the exciting news that will soon be sporting a brand new look. Our web designer Nicholoas Buhr and the rest of the Spud Smart team have been working hard to craft a website that not only delivers compelling content and is user-friendly and appealing to the eye, but is responsive for easy viewing…

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Tater Tourism

Potatoes and Tourism. Two words that most people wouldn’t find particularly synonymous. Ryan Albright is one of the exceptions. The New Brunswick potato grower is a co-founder of the Covered Bridge Potato Chip Company, which is featured in our lead story of this issue of Spud Smart. Albright’s company makes old-fashioned potato chips at its plant in Hartland, N.B., which is home to world’s longest covered bridge. About 100,000 visitors come to Hartland each summer…

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China’s Push to Promote the Potato

Another, albeit quieter, revolution is taking root in China. This one involves not politics, but the humble potato. As reported in our story “The New Staple Food in China”, potato production and consumption is being dramatically reshaped in the world’s most populous nation, already an important player in the global potato industry. In January, the People’s Republic of China announced plans to drive up domestic potato consumption. The government aims to make…

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Taking Aim at Food Tampering

It’s something potato farmers in this country have never seen before — sewing needles intentionally stuck in potatoes that make it into fresh packs and onto processing lines in Prince Edward Island, posing not only a threat to consumers but threatening the reputation of the Island’s proud potato industry. Our coverage of the potato tampering incidents in P.E.I. includes an overview of the case that first emerged in the headlines back in…

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The Benefit of Field Days

Field days. Most potato-producing regions of the country saw at least one of these this past summer, providing growers with the opportunity to learn about new varieties and agronomic practices, check out the latest farm equipment and technologies, and network with their peers and industry types. And perhaps even as importantly, relax a little bit. Peter VanderZaag, who was MC at the 2014 Ontario Field Day in Alliston, Ont. in August, will…

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Searching for a Silver Bullet

The clock is ticking on Thimet 15G, the insecticide of choice for controlling wireworm in potatoes in most areas of Canada. Because Canada’s regulators have decided to phase out Thimet due to environmental concerns, the pesticide will no longer be available for use on potatoes as of Aug. 1, 2015. With wireworm populations steadily rising in Prince Edward Island and other parts of the country, there’s a question hanging over the potato…

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Potatoes and the Food Service Industry

In January, I had the pleasure of attending Manitoba Potato Production Days, the annual three-day conference and trade show held in Brandon, Man. I was treated to some stimulating presentations, got the low-down on the latest potato farming products and equipment for this coming growing season, and best of all, had some great conversations with growers. They were out in record numbers this year, and I’m sure a lot of that had…

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A New Way to Do Business

A New Way to Do Business The Seed Potato Tuber Quality Management Program (SPTQMP) has been around for a few years. Under the Canadian Food Inspection Agency program, growers or staff members are trained and licensed by the CFIA to perform seed potato tuber quality inspections themselves before the product is shipped out. Up to now, growers have signed up for the program on a volunteer basis — but that’s about to…

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Educating the Public about Potatoes

Open Farm Day is a concept that’s been gaining traction in recent years, with an increasing number of growers across the country opening their barn doors to the public for a day a two in August or September. The goal is to inform and educate people about the different types of farming operations and how they function. In late August, farmers in Alberta and Saskatchewan took part in these events, and September…

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