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Recipe for Storage Success

Every grower has seen it at one time or another: the signs of pink rot spreading through the bin, and the dollar signs flying out the window. Fungal infections post-harvest can cause significant losses in a short period of time. The good news? Growers have an increasing number of options for controlling these diseases. And according to the experts, attention to detail and using the right products can mean the difference between…

Know Your Enemies

When preparing for the storage season, loss of potatoes is one of the main problems that growers have to contend with annually. There are a number of causes for loss of potatoes during storage, including respiration, transpiration and—very often—disease. Spud Smart consulted with Khalil Al-Mughrabi, pathologist at the Potato Development Centre of the New Brunswick Department of Agriculture, Aquaculture and Fisheries, about the most common storage-related diseases growers need to take particular…

Quality Control

The unusually hot and dry conditions that prevailed throughout many areas this season are presenting some unique challenges for potato storage, as many growers are uncertain how different varieties will perform in storage this year. “There’s more uncertainty this year because we haven’t experienced a year like this,” says Todd Forbush, an engineer with Techmark Inc. “When you are facing uncertainty a definition of your position is very valuable.” Techmark conducted a…

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