NewsIndustryCanadian Potato Production Up in 2015

Canadian Potato Production Up in 2015


Potato production in Canada increased 4.1 per cent from 2014 to an estimated 104.8 million hundredweight in 2015, according to the latest report from Statistics Canada.

Manitoba, which saw a significant increase in contracted volumes from processors this year as well as a bumper potato crop, accounted for 57.2 per cent of the nationwide increase. Quebec was responsible for 29.1 per cent.

Prince Edward Island represented 23.7 per cent of Canada’s total potato production in 2015 while Manitoba represented 20.6 per cent.

Canadian Potato Production (000 cwt)

Province 2015 2014 % Difference
Prince Edward Island 24,850 25,240 -1.5
Nova Scotia 330 487 -32.2
New Brunswick 15,100 14,307 5.5
Quebec 12,566 11,349 10.7
Ontario 7,970 8,225 -3.1
Manitoba 21,630 19,240 12.4
Saskatchewan 1,500 1,487 0.9
Alberta 19,270 18,690 3.1
British Columbia 1,555 1,563 -0.5
Canada 104,831 100,654 4.1

Source: Statistics Canada Cansim Table 001-0014 (000cwt) Nov. 20 2015

For more information visit Statistics Canada.

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