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Important Harvest Considerations for PEI Growers in 2018

It’s been an incredibly challenging harvest season, and we’re hoping for much better weather to allow you to get the rest of the crop under cover. We’ve received some suggestions and had some thoughts as well in reflection of the conditions this fall, so we’d like to share them with you. Disposal of Tare soil at storages There’s a lot of soil getting to the warehouse yards due to the wet conditions….

PEI Potato Producers Building Soil Health Through Crop Rotation

An area of increased attention for agricultural research and changes in production practices globally is soil health. Through new technology and a better understanding of the microbial communities in soil, farmers are making changes in crop rotation, tillage, and nutrient management to foster the health of their soil. Prince Edward Island potato producers are also making changes to their production practices to improve soil health, encompassing the biological, chemical and physical qualities…

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