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Passing on a Passion for Potatoes

Co-founded in 1960 by family patriarch John Kuhl on land owned by his father, Southern Manitoba Potato today encompasses 6,500 acres of potato, wheat, canola, soybean and corn. While John can still be found walking the fields and helping with major decisions, the day-to-day operations of the family farm are now handled by John’s son Keith and grandsons Marlon and Jeremy. According to Keith, this family-focused mindset has allowed the company, and…

Equipping the Organic Toolbox

Potatoes are one of the most difficult crops to grow organically; however, the presence of organically-grown potatoes on store shelves demonstrates that it can and is being done. Since neither traditional pesticides nor genetically modified varieties are allowed within the scope of organic production, pest control involves an array of options not commonly associated with traditional potato production, including biopesticides, biodiverse crop rotation and natural foliar feeding. Organic potato producers are facing…

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