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Potato Showplace

If there’s a place that’s more appropriate for the Canadian Potato Museum, you can make the argument that you couldn’t do better than the town of O’Leary in Prince Edward Island. P.E.I., of course, produces a large portion of Canada’s potatoes. O’Leary, a town with obvious Irish origins, is host to the annual Potato Blossom Festival in July and is situated in the heart of farm country, surrounded by the beautiful red…

Farming Aardappels in Alberta

For a country of its size, the Netherlands exports a surprising amount of agricultural products. In the case of the Hoogland family of Alberta, the country has also been known to export a few potato farmers, as well. Jacob Hoogland left his farm in the province of North Holland in the mid-1990s to see what opportunities there might be for a potato-farming family elsewhere. Holland is getting very expensive, he says, and…

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