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LOCKWOOD 600 Series Harvester

Are you making these harvest mistakes? Why your blade matters

No matter how high-tech potato harvesters and windrowers become, they’ll always depend on one seemingly low-tech component — the digging blade. But, don’t make the mistake of brushing off the blade as unimportant. In fact, your blade really does make the machine. There are six blade types available, each designed for specific harvest conditions. In sandy, light soils, opt for a semi-point blade, which can include an optional plastic rock guard fitted…

From Potato Spinners to Touchscreens

With the technology available today, it’s hard to imagine that potato harvesting has ever been anything but efficient. But consider this: humans have cultivated potatoes for about 10,000 years; automated harvest technologies have only developed over the past 150-ish years. That means all our automation has been squeezed into just 1.5 per cent of our relationship with potatoes. But what good use we’ve made of that time! The first major harvest automation…

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